Some Practical Guidance On Tactics In Shopping Sites

Net-a-Porter, the leader in luxury fashion e-commerce. Emotion is the essential differentiator between slinging apparel (which Amazon is pretty good at) and selling fashion (which Amazon is not yet very good at). Think of it like this: apparel is utilitarian problem solving (“I need socks”), while fashion is subjective self-expression (“I need to look good for this job interview”). Wade brings an emotional bond he’s developed with his fans over his years-long career, as well as his reputation as a stylish guy. The store’s landing page also shows that Amazon is catching on: it’s uncluttered, the photography is rich, and the product mix is focused. It’s a sign that Amazon might be able to do this fashion thing after all. Making the leap from apparel to fashion would be a boon to Amazon’s bottom line. “Amazon’s interest in fashion e-commerce is undoubtedly driven by the nearly $300 billion in US revenue,” Ken Cassar, principal analyst at Slice Intelligence, tells The Verge, noting that apparel is one of the biggest US retail categories. “Fashion merchandise typically is a highly profitable category,” adds Manik Aryapadi, a principal in the retail division of consulting firm A.T. Kearney.

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