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Become a Korea Travel Specialist

(photo via Reabirdna / iStock / Getty Images Plus) Imagine your client’s dream vacation . Imagine their Korea! The new Korea Travel Specialist course at Travel Agent Academy allows you to explore this fascinating country’s incredible diversity of experiences—satisfying just about every special interest. Visitors will find more than 5,000 years of tradition, history and culture; natural wonders that include mountain, coastal and island landscapes; a unique cuisine, celebrated worldwide; Korea’s own brand of pop culture—Hallyu; shopping galore, from major department stores to traditional markets, and so much more. Stephanie Cross Joins Enchantment Group People You’ll learn how to match each client with the perfect Korea vacation; discover the highlights of seven vacation destinations, and gain insight on how to sell the country’s top attractions and experiences. In Chapter One, you’ll receive an overview of key Korea selling points and find important information on transportation, accommodations and travel tips. Chapter Two explores the diverse destinations of Seoul, Gangwon-do, Busan, Jeju, Gyeongju, Daegu and Jeonju. Chapter Three brings Korea's top attractions and experiences to life for your clients, such as the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Foodie Tourism, K-Culture, Korean Festivals, Hiking, Temple and Hanok Stay programs and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. U.S. travel agents who graduate by Sept.

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You can now rent an 'oppa' to be your tour guide in South Korea

The service, Oh My Oppa,  allows foreign visitors to “rent an oppa”.  “It started out as a joke that foreigners coming to South Korea expect to find men like the ones they see on dramas, but no, there aren’t any men on the streets that are as good-looking, tall and nice as the TV stars,” said Mr Lee Joon Woo, CEO of Winwincook, in an interview with The Korea Herald.  Mr Lee’s company conducted a test run of the Oh My Oppa service last month and is preparing to launch a full-fledged service in April. “We thought we would present these tourists with men we can be proud of. Although it was a joke at first, we followed up with an actual website and the social media reaction has been beyond our expectations,” Mr Lee said.  The Oh My Oppa website currently features seven Korean men, who are not professional tour guides but friendly local “bros” willing to offer assistance for a fee. They may cut up steak for tourists, take flattering photographs and offer encouraging comments. However, as they are real Korean men with minimal training, English may not be their forte.  During the tour, the guides and tourists may visit pet cafes or do activities that require extra payment, but only if they agree. For paid activities, bills are split.   For paid activities, the bills are split. PHOTO: THE KOREA HERALD Mr Lee said demand for the tour guides has mainly come from European countries such as France, England and Germany, and South-east Asian places including Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. The idea of “renting an oppa” might seem bizarre, even ludicrous to some, but it’s hardly the first of its kind. Chinese app Hire Me Plz offers instant dates to bring to occasions such as family events that demand a presentable plus one.

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